This may be due to several reasons.

  1. First, if your car is heavily tinted with VKool or any form of tinting, it will take a long time for the satellite signal to penetrate. For vehicles with this sort of tint, we recommend you to get a satellite fix outside of the car before starting on your journey.
  2. Second, check if the time on your GPS is the same as your current time zone. If the time is off, it means that your GPS has lost the armature of the satellites; and will therefore take longer than usual to get a satellite fix. Change the time on your device and this should shorten the time it takes to get a fix.
  3. Third, try to get a satellite fix in an open space with an uninterrupted line of sight (LOS) to the sky before navigating. When driving there could be obstacles up top, such as trees or overpasses that could lengthen the process considerably.

First, check the maps in your device and make sure that there is only one map ticked at any one time. To do so, Start on the main page and go to Tools->Settings->Maps and click on Info. Make sure that only one map is only selected at the one time. When there are multiple maps selected, the GPS can easily get confused as some of the roads are not overlaid exactly on top of each other.

After being left dormant for a long time, the battery loses charge and is often left in a state where it needs to be kick-started. If possible, try charging your GPS with the car charger that it came with. If you have previously purchased an AC charger, try charging it overnight. This should be sufficient to kick-start the device back into an active state.

There are many reasons why this could happen. One of the reasons is if your computer is infected by a virus.

There are a few steps to debug this problem. Under normal circumstances, if your unit is turned off and you plug in the usb cable, the unit should go straight into USB mode. However if this is not the case, turn on your unit first before plugging in the usb cable. If this fails as well, try jiggling the back of your unit where the gps unit meets the usb cable and see if that makes any difference. If all fails then it might warrant a trip to our service centre in Taman Maluri, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

There is a problem with the last batch of software that was released. If this problem happens upon startup please try to update the software of your unit first and see if the problem persists. If so then unfortunately you need to send the unit into our service centre for closer inspection.