Drive™ 51

Driver Alerts: Know Your Surroundings

To encourage safer driving and increase situational awareness, Garmin Drive provides driver alerts as following:

Alerts for sharp curves, speed changes, railroad crossings and animal crossings.

The navigator will warn you when driving the wrong way on a one-way street and alert you to nearby schools and school zones.

Receive notifications for nearby red light cameras and speed cameras², and even get fatigue warnings² that suggest potential rest areas after several hours of driving.

Road Trips Got Better with TripAdvisor & FourSquare

View TripAdvisor's ratings for travel POIs, such as hotels, restaurants and attractions, along your route or near your destination. Also locate new attractions with the built-in Trip Planner tool, which adds fun to road trips by suggesting interesting stops along the way.

Thanks to Foursquare, Garmin Drive navigator is loaded with millions of additional popular places like restaurants, entertainment venues, shops and other points of interest.

Easier to Search, Quicker to Find

Garmin Drive has a search field that makes it easy to find addresses and millions of POIs. Simply enter a category (like “pizza”) or a proper name (“Starbucks”), and Garmin Drive quickly returns your results.

One-stop Device Management

Use Garmin Express™ to keep your Garmin Drive navigator up to date. Garmin Express makes it easy to update maps and software. High-quality HERE map data enables your Garmin device to provide you with the information you need, when you need it most — reducing the frustrations of driving by avoiding delays and cutting down the time you spend in your car.

1. The speed camera warning are only available in Singapore.
2. The fatigue warning activates after longer periods of consecutive driving without any long stops along the route.

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In the Box
Garmin Drive 51
Preloaded with City Navigator® NT Singapore/ Malaysia
Vehicle suction cup mount
Vehicle power cable
USB cable
Quick start manual