Welcome to The Squad, A Sports Community by Garmin


We want to create something very different from the others. Our promise, we want to keep the community a community - just running, engaging, and sharing.

We want to include fun elements in running/ training once the community is more established. Fun Run, Challenges, etc. Let the creativity flow and spice up the running game.

Of all seriousness, we will still take care of members who want to train for races by having proper running trainings.

Freebie Redemption System

We will have a freebie redemption system and participants can claim gifts by attending certain amounts of sessions. We will track everything online so there will be no redemption card.

3 sessions: Garmin neon yellow pouch bag
6 sessions: Garmin maroon jersey
9 sessions: Garmin camo windbreaker
12 sessions: 20% Garmin product discount (valid until 31st March 2019)


The entire setting of the events will be separated into 2 parts:

Serious runners who want to do LSD

- No lesser than 10km per session

Amateur runners who want to start training and enjoy a more relaxed environment

- Invite Garmin celebrities/ influencers to be part of it
- Include interesting elements

2nd Session : Kinrara Residence

Date: 31st March 2018 (Saturday)
Time: 6.00am – 9.15am
Venue: Kinrara Residences, Puchong

It is a 3.1k loop. Elevation gain is 26m.

Serious runners: 18.6km loop (3.1km x 6 loops) (Start 6.00am)
Amateur runners: 6.2km loop (3.1km x 2 loops) + Workout (Start 6.45am)

After the session, we will serve some breakfast.