GDR 45

GDR45 High Definition Standalone Driving Recorder

GDR 45 which integrates GPS, display and gravity sensor as well as parking recording mode (optional accessory required) and front collision warning system into one device and features exclusive optional secondary camera.

GPS function to provide information, such as images recording, map, images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed.

2.3" monitor records images clearly and provides real-time playback. Snapshot helps return to accident scene to clarify the responsibility for the accident.

The battery life lasts for up to 1 hour at 1080p recording.

The system will automatically trigger gravity sensor and manual recording file protection if detecting vehicle vibration, collision and emergency brake.

Safety Cameras

Safety camera updates link your device to the MFM database, which contains information about various safety cameras, such as AES, fixed, mobile, variable and red light speed cameras. As you approach a camera, your device sounds an alert.

F/2.0 Fast Aperture, 120 Degree Wide Angle

The high resolution camera lens improves night photosensitive. Thanks to Garmin exclusive low illumination and low noise image processing technology, you don't need to worry about overexposure, afterimage or noise when shooting at night. 120 degree wide angle from GDR 45 camera lens records every angle from front view even no blind spots. Vehicles from right side and left side can be clearly recorded.

Automatic File Protection

Built in gravity sensor triggers automatically for collison event prompts. The system protects the file to prevent images overwritten and the loss of important supporting information.

Manual File Protection

Press to protect files manually for collision event prompts. To save recorded files safely.

FCWS Warning

The FCWS (front collision warning system) gathers speed information using GPS and is activated whenever the vehicle's speed exceeds 40 km/hr. It also detects its distance from the front vehicle and warns the driver when approaching too close.

Parking Recording Mode

The GDR will turn on its motion detection mode and begin recording whenever it detects movement in front of the camera or senses collisions. This recording mode stores images up to 10 seconds before an accident and up to 20 seconds after movement is detected. The recording time will be extended for as long as the movement is detected.

NOTE: optional subscription is advised when connecting GDR Dedicated Power Supply Cable.


Press and quickly take accidatal or interesting photos to become a great evidance for accidant.

720P Dual Cameras HD Recording (with Optional Secondary Camera GBC30)

Once enable dual cameras recording, the system supports 720P high definition front and rear image recording.

One Key Switch (with Optional Secondary Camera)

Just one key to switch, you will be easy to see front or rear image.

Dual Cameras, Easy to Install (with Optional Secondary Camera GBC30)

HD dual cameras recording at the same time are with only one cigarette light charging.

Dash Cam Player Software

Garmin self-developed Dash Cam Player software provides significant information such as images, maps, tracks, coordinates, time and speed. Data provide the best reference back to accident scene. Garmin offers "point to point" comparison. Click track info to view correspondent image with relative position on map.

In the Box
GDR 45 driving recorder
Ball arm with adhesive tape
GDR 45 exclusive 4m car charger
Quick start manual