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    GPSMAP® 580 GPSMAP® 580

    GPSMAP® 580


    The GPSMAP 580 is a full-function chart plotter that features an ultra-bright 5” WQVGA color display along with an improved feature of high-speed map drawing and panning. It’s ready to go with an easy-to-use interface and a built-in worldwide basemap. The 580 is unique Garmin chart plotters that not only equip with English language but also with Asian languages including Simplified Chinese and Bahasa Indonesia. GPSMAP 580 is designed specifically for professional fishermen and comes with the advantages of Garmin’s renowned GPS168/178C chart plotters.

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    The GPSMAP 580 comes standard with a built-in high-sensitivity GPS module for superior satellite tracking and quicker acquisition times. And with a SD card slot, it’s easy to add additional maps without connecting to a computer

    • GPSMAP 580
    • Bail mount
    • Power cable
    • Protective front cover
    • Owner's manual

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