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    Varia Vision™ In-sight Display SEA Varia Vision™ In-sight Display SEA Varia Vision™ In-sight Display SEA

    Varia Vision™ In-sight Display SEA


    Featherweight device easily attaches to either side of your favorite sunglasses to put ride information right in your line of sight, Displays performance data, directions and more from compatible Edge® cycling devices, Pairs with Varia rearview radar to notify of vehicles approaching from behind, Provides vibration alerts for key performance, direction, radar and call/text prompts, Convenient touch panel eases transitions between data screens, even if wearing gloves

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    *Warranty: 1 Year 

    See What Lies Ahead … and Behind

    Varia Vision displays up to 4 crucial data fields plus clear, colour-coded graphic displays at any given time. This allows you to view information such as your heart rate, power and speed and still keep your eyes peeled for potential hazards in front of you. Varia Vision can even help you find your way with detailed navigation prompts, complete with street names, directional arrows and distance to turn.

    Varia Vision vibration alerts let you know when you’re approaching segments, completing laps, leaving a workout zone or receiving a call/text. Plus, if you have it paired with Varia rearview radar, you’ll gain valuable peace of mind knowing when vehicles are approaching from behind.

    Advanced Technology in a Featherweight Design

    Varia Vision in-sight cycling display weighs just 28 grammes, so it’s never cumbersome to wear. A built-in ambient light sensor ensures that Varia Vision data is always easy to see, even in direct sunlight. A glove-friendly touch panel makes it simple to switch between displays. Plus, it features an 8-hour battery life and weather-resistant design so it can endure even the longest and harshest rides.

    • Varia Vision in-sight display
    • Four each of the following band sizes: X-large, large, medium and small
    • Two quarter-turn mounts
    • Charging cable
    • Manuals

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