Step 1

Visit any Garmin brand store Malaysia-wide.

Step 2

Present your Garmin watch and charger to the Garmin staff.

Step 3

Staff will evaluate your Garmin watch and key in the watch condition in system.

Step 4

Your Garmin watch's value will be determined by CompAsia.

Step 5

You're set to upgrade to a newer model.



You can trade in your Garmin watch at any Garmin Brand Store across Malaysia. Trade-ins are not accepted at authorized dealers.

Please bring a Garmin watch that can be turned on and the original charger. The original box is not required.

The original box is not required to participate in this trade-in program. However, the charger is necessary. If you don't bring the charger, the trade-in value will be reduced accordingly.


Your watch can still be traded in, but the trade-in price will be lower depending on the defects.

Yes, your watch can still be traded in, but the price will be reduced. This deduction includes any wear and tear on the watch strap.

Unfortunately, we are not accepting any broken watches that do not turn on.


No, you cannot trade in your watch for money. Trade-ins are only applicable for upgrading to a new Garmin watch. We accept trade-ins for both higher and lower-priced models, including those with discount prices.

Yes, you can use the installment plans available in-store, including multiple payment options.

Any remaining trade-in value that is not used toward upgrading to a new model will be forfeited. However, you can also use the remaining balance for Garmin accessories.


For full list of Garmin watch that can be trade in, you may refer to HERE.

You can pre-order the model, but it will take 6-8 weeks depending on the model.

At the moment, those models are only available through the trade-in program at Garmin. We will update you on other models soon. Please keep your Garmin watch in good condition.

No, you can't trade in other brands; we only accept Garmin watches.


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