Warranty period

Automotive, Fitness, Health & Fitness, Fenix series: 12 months international, 12 months local.
Zumo, GDR, Golf, Outdoor and Marine: 12 months international.

Terms & Conditions
– Warranty is based on the serial number. We will check the serial number to verify whether the unit is from Aeco Technologies.
– Warranty period is valid provided the product is still in production and not discontinued from service.

– Warranty covers manufacture defect. Damage caused by human error is not covered under warranty.
 Human error includes and is not limited to the following: fire damage, water damage, insect damage, and neglect by customer and so on.
– This new service policy is applicable to the unit only. Accessories will continue to be given 1 month warranty period from date of purchase.
– Warranty does not include logistic charges which are to be borne by dealer/customer.